Curatorial Projects


PROFIFOTO Nr. 6 Juli / August 2012
fotoMAGAZIN June 2012
La Fotografia actual August 2011 / Spain
fotoMAGAZIN Juli 2011
fotoMAGAZIN Juni 2010
Fotografia 34/2010 / Poland
PROFIFOTO Nr. 6 Juli / August2009
fotoMAGAZIN August 2009
Journal June 2009 / United Kingdom
PROFIFOTO Nr. 6 Juni 2008
PROFIFOTO Nr. 6 Juni 2007
PROFIFOTO Nr. 6 Juni 2006
PROFIFOTO Nr. 4 Juli / August 2005
PROFIFOTO Nr. 4 Juli / August 2004

photographers:network since 2004

Photographers:network is the result of creating a multiple win situation on many different sides.

In this project, once a year, Thomas Kellner invites personally known photographers world wide each year for a juried exhibition in his studio. Out of all submissions, a jury selects 18 (since 2010, before were 26) photos for an exhibition. 

The exhibition shows work by artists that are at the same time on a similar path like Thomas Kellner. He gives us the opportunity to see images of his colleagues, whom he meets at festivals and other events somewhere in the world. The photographs are as different as the individuals who make them. There is figurative work, architectural, abstract and experimental photography.

The end result is a collection of contemporary work and a network, where photographers can connect and help each other in building their careers. The exhibitions are acompanied by a printed booklet and a Portfolio in the German magazine PROFIFOTO and a portfolio award, cash and printed portfolio, in German magazin fotoMAGAZIN

Supporting jury members were so far:

Thomas Gerwers, Profifoto, Germany
Burkhard Arnold, in focus Galerie am Dom, Cologne/Germany,
Gerard Goodrow, director ArtCologne/Germany,
Thomas Poller, Galerie Poller, Frankfurt/Germany, NewYork/USA, 
Alison Nordstrom, George Eastman House Rochester/USA,
Dagmar Peveling, Galerie Peveling, Cologne/Germany,
Dr. Claude Wing Sui, Reichs Engelhorn Museum, Mannheim/Germany,
Michael Mazzeo peer gallery New York/USA,
Irina Tchmyreva Moscow Museum of Modern Art/Russia,
Nicole Stanner, Galerie f5.2, Munich/Germany,
Diana Edkins, Aperture Foundation, New York, USA,
Manfred Zollner, fotomagazin, Hamburg/Germany,
Beate Cegielska, Galleri Image, Aarhus, Denmark,
Johan Sjöström, Göteborgs Konstmuseum, Sweden,
Lothar Albrecht, L.A. Galerie, Frankfurt/Germany,
Thomas Schirmböck, ZEPHYR, Reiss-Engelhorn-Museen, Mannheim/Germany,
Christoph Tannert, Künstlerhaus Bethanien, Berlin, Germany
Helga Oberkalkofen, Art Galerie, Siegen, Germany
Peggy Sue Amison, Sirius Arts Center, Cobh, Ireland,
Barbara Tannenbaum, Cleveland Museum of Art, Cleveland, USA,
Debra Klomp Ching, KlompChing Gallery New York, USA
Celina Lunsford, Fotografie Forum International, Frankfurt, Germany
Sandra Phillips, Museum of Modern Art, San Francisco, USA
Ingrid Fischer Jonge, Fotomuseet, Odense, Denmark